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Word Up, Sean


Dear Editor:

Kudos to Factologist Sean McVeigh for the "contronym" definition. I was teaching my 5th-grade students about homonyms, synonyms, and antonyms and now I was able to introduce contronyms. That was a new one for this old teacher! Keep sharing the interesting facts Sean - you just helped educate our future leaders!

Nancy Re


Editor’s note: Factologist Sean McVeigh’s favorite column is We Get Email. Your letter will make his year. Thanks!





Dear Editor:

Just want to mention how much my family and I enjoyed the evening Christmas Caroling event on 94th Street, (the Bandstand area) on Saturday, December 15, sponsored by House on the Rock Church! What a beautiful, heartwarming, old-fashioned event to bring to Rockaway for the holiday! It brought people together feeling the warmth and love of the real Christmas spirit. Everyone singing Christmas Carols a la Karaoke was so beautiful. They even had a beautiful Nativity (nice for picture-taking). 

With all the negativity going on in this world today, this was needed for a little while of feeling peace on earth and the love of Jesus. The hot chocolate and cookies were an added treat! I hope they do it again next year!

Lillian Agosto


Showtime Please


Dear Editor:

Now that Rockaway is becoming hip, very diverse, and open to all kinds of music, entertainment, contests, restaurants, plays, etc.; I think it’s time to bring back our own movie theatre. I wish some  enterprising person would consider this as a possible money-maker.

I for one miss our old movie theatre and sometimes I just wish I could jump in my car and drive five minutes to a movie theatre, rather than have the option of the UA in Sheepshead Bay, which is huge and crowded or going even further away to other theatres in Queens or Long Island.

Anybody out there listening?

PS — there could also be afternoon birthday parties with pizza and a show!

Ruth Graves


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