Thanks for the Memories

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Thanks for the Memories

Dear Editor:

I want to extend a warm and sincere thank you to all my clients, friends and those wonderful people, past and present who have been a part of my life in Rockaway these some 40+ years.

Those years have gone very quickly and you have all been a special part of them. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, but always with love.

It is now time for me to move on to the second phase of my life. Your friendship is and has been so important to me. You will all leave me with fond memories and a special place in my heart. So I sign off with a simple Thank You with love.

Sal Araimo

Formerly Strands



Dear Editor:

Re: the New Year's Boyleing Points column, Mr. Bartlett's most famous quote is, "Hey, buddy, can I quote that in my book?"

I've noted, over the decades, that most things that are quoted are, as stated by you, from Anonymous. Add to that, Shakespeare and the Bible. A select few are from "Joe, in accounting."

Richard Berger


Shop 116

Dear Editor:

Beach 116th may have a brighter future ahead with the development of One Sixteen and other residential buildings, but our local businesses are struggling to stay afloat in the meantime and it shows with the closure of Blue Bungalow, Paninico and Dunkin' Donuts late last year. Even though winter is the slow season, rent still needs to be paid. Gift shop Lola Star could soon be another empty storefront. Lets prevent another closure. Shop local and support your local stores all year-round!

Jen Brown


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