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Word Search Wonder

Dear Editor:

Just wanted to compliment The Rockaway Times on an amazing word search last week. Challenging yet intriguing! Keep up the great work!

Kaitlin McVeigh


More Please

Dear Editor:

(In response to the Babka Cake recipe printed last week)  Would love if someone has and would share the recipe for Harbor Bake Shop’s famous Chocolate Layer Cake or Apple Chocolate Ring!

Robert Meyerson


Cut The Red Tape

Dear Editor:

I am dismayed by how long it takes for some projects to reach completion in Rockaway. I feel bad for the owners of Harbor Light who seem to be awaiting for a final approval from probably the Buildings Department. The Rockaway Medical Arts Complex on Beach 105th Street seems like it is stuck in the same situation. And there are new apartments on Rockaway Beach Boulevard near Beach 116th Street. These look ready to be occupied but they sit there vacant. Probably waiting on permits, too. 

It is encouraging to see construction and new things happening in Rockaway but it is also discouraging to see them victims of city red tape. Our officials should do more to help these places open.

S. Curry


Concrete Headed

Dear Editor:

The MTA has created a dangerous situation at the foot of the Cross Bay  Bridge going into Broad Channel. They have put up concrete barriers making it just two lanes. The barriers force drivers into two narrow lanes. This could be done with arrows not concrete!

Who is in charge?

Peter J. O’Hara


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