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Hold DOT Accountable

Dear Editor,

I would propose that the problem with speeding on Beach 61st Street is entirely a police problem.

It is a police problem primarily because the NYPD has a policy of not taking law enforcement action against city agencies and employees. I’m afraid that this may sound pedantic, but the specifics are important. Let me be specific. Section 1680 of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law requires that traffic planning must conform to the U.S. Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the state Supplement. The MUTCD requires that traffic planning be performed by engineers. Article 145 of the NYS Education Law makes it a felony to practice engineering without a Professional Engineer’s license.

But under Commissioner Polly Trottenberg’s management of the NYC Department of Transportation, she doesn’t believe that it is important to comply with the MUTCD. Instead, under the NYC DOT, “city planners” design traffic patterns and then licensed PEs are ordered to sign off on the plans. And many of the finished installations don’t even include legal signs.

So why haven’t the police made arrests at DOT?

Of course, the police could give out more speeding summonses on Beach 61 Street, but I am sure that residents would not be happy even if all cars were only traveling at the legal speed limit of 25 mph. The problem is that DOT’s non-planning has diverted arterial traffic to a residential street. They have done much the same thing in Far Rockaway, creating massive traffic jams from the city line to the Freeway, diverting traffic into Bayswater and past the Redfern Houses.

The solution is incarcerating DOT management. NYPD do your job!

Eugene Falik


Dayton Appreciation

Dear Editor,

(In response to 3/14/2019 article: “Fed Up DBP Shareholders File Lawsuit Against HPD”)

After reading about the problems the residents are having at 8800 Shore Front Parkway, I would like to say on behalf of my own Mitchell-Lama cooperative (located at 7600 Shore Front Parkway), our annual inspections have always been quite thorough. Not only did the inspector come back to make sure my smoke and carbon monoxide detectors worked properly (the first inspection revealed that my battery was dead), but they also provided the initial carbon monoxide detectors when the City began requiring them in multiple dwellings, a few years ago.

Now, the residents are not knocking each other over to run to be elected to the board of directors; after all, I know that it is a thankless job. But it is the shareholders themselves that are the office holders. I am unclear as to what grounds they would have for removal if the alleged nepotism, re: the apartment list has been going on for more than a year. I do know that an independent third party oversees the voting process.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that I truly appreciate my Mitchell-Lama cooperative and my family has lived in the apartment for over 30 years. The management office has always been helpful and professional, and I just want your readers to be aware that obviously all Dayton Park co-ops are not equal. A good cooperative relies on residents being involved. Thank you.

Kelly Ann Sullivan


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