Out On a Limb

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Out On a Limb

Dear Editor:

Last week, Queens Forestry was in Rockaway pruning the trees AGAIN. It's hard not to notice that practically every tree had limbs cut off regardless if it was big or small or if it was a young tree or a mature tree. When you look at them, it's quite obvious the vast majority of them did not need pruning at all but it didn't matter, it was "cut we must" once again. If this mismanagement continues, there won't be much left to many of the trees. You have to wonder if the real reason the city continues this needless pruning is because the money allocated to Forestry has to be spent some way and Rockaway is as easy as it gets to do it, to our detriment. Keep in mind that once a tree limb is cut off, it's not going to grow back and the worst thing that can be done to a mature tree is over-pruning which negatively affects its health. Instead of wasting money on the trees, how about allocating that money to paving the roads in Rockaway, which is sorely needed.

 Thomas Zuhlke


Another Limb Trim

Dear NYC:

Thanks for ruining the tree in front of my house in Belle Harbor, as well as many others on my block and the entire neighborhood. I am curious as to why, for the second year in a row, we need to have out trees trimmed? There is no threat to the power lines or pedestrian traffic or vehicular traffic, but for some reason, we have some type of program to keep trimming our trees. I find it ironic that the city has an aggressive tree planting program but continues to cut limb after limb, year after year, whittling these mostly young trees down to nothing.

 John Engel


Forgotten City

Dear Mr. Mayor:

As you wander around the country like Don Quixote in your quest to become President, it would nice if you would pay attention to the City of New York. The roads are falling apart and Beach Channel Drive is a prime example. As we destroy our cars on this minefield, all I see and hear from you is a lot of hot air saturated with CO2. Stop with your useless rhetoric and do your job as Mayor.

Demolition Derby Man

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