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A Sticky Situation

Dear Editor:

The April 4 article, “What In Tarnation?” stated that tar was first observed on our ocean beach Thursday, March 28 as a result of the recent oil spill caused by a leak in the fuel tank of the Dublin Express container ship. Like many Rockaway residents, I frequently walk the beach and had observed thousands of gannets migrating along the ocean from Thursday, March 28 to Saturday, March 30.  I hope none of them were injured by this spill.

We should all be proud of how much our coastal environment has improved over the years. Seals regularly rest on our beaches, dolphins and whales are seen all summer long, along with the tourists that they attract. We now live in a truly beautiful place, thanks to the decades of smart policies that have cleaned our waterways. Yet, it would take very little to destroy all this. 

The federal government is at this time planning to open the Atlantic Ocean to offshore drilling while also trying to weaken safety regulations developed after the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This is alarming! 

Oil doesn't observe state boundaries, and a spill anywhere along the Atlantic coast could be a spill everywhere along the Atlantic Coast. New Yorkers must oppose the federal government's risky new drilling plan. Last week’s spill was upsetting, but a spill like BP's Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico could erase all the beauty and the tourist dollars our community has come to enjoy.

Joan Flynn




Thank You, Senator

Dear Editor:

I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to Senator Addabbo for meeting with the parents and staff of HeartShare Pre-school in Lindenwood.

Thank you for giving us the time to express our concerns on the financial deficit our school is experiencing, where it’s in jeopardy of closing it’s doors.

My son is a student there, where he receives services such as speech and occupational therapy and he has benefited tremendously from the help the school has provided him with. Unfortunately, he is also one of the students who for the last three weeks has not had a teacher in his classroom, simply because the teachers aren’t getting paid enough to teach, much less live a normal life where they can support families or children of their own.

Thank you, Senator, for allowing us to advocate for our children and be their voice where it is severely needed. I do believe that you will plead our case in Albany and hopefully Governor Cuomo will see how much we need help.

Melissa Torres-Echevarria


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