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This Stinks

Dear Editor:

I'm writing this letter to complain about the constant dangerous events that happen throughout the day, every single day at the business known to all as Call-A-Head in Broad Channel.

How on earth do they get away with conducting business all over the road, blocking lanes with their trucks, or some other cars double parking, parked trucks all over the median strip? When heading north on the Cross Bay Blvd., those trucks create a blind spot of those double- parked cars/trucks. This has traffic always coming to a sudden halt to avoid crashing into the back of said double-parked trucks that should never be there. Don't get me started when their trucks bolt out to do a three-lane change to go the other direction, with a swarm of oncoming traffic, and a complete disregard for anyone else's safety.

Congratulations to Call-A-Head for being the biggest business in the #2 trade, but don't #2 on all us drivers by conducting your business on the road, a public road at that.

If Goldman-Sachs got new business and needed to expand, would you see them setting up desks and chairs with printers on the sidewalk?

I don’t think so.

Name Withheld


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