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Tree Be Gone

Dear Editor:

(In response to Enrico Luisi’s letter regarding the Beach 116th Christmas tree)

I paid $150 out of my pocket to have the Christmas tree properly disposed of by a local tree removal company last Thursday, May 11 after making numerous phone calls to Parks Department, who did not return any calls (shocking). I hope that is a sufficient response to answer to the question WHY IS IT STILL UP??? I guess no one noticed before this letter was published on May 16? As the saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished.” As far as a response to “WISE UP!!!", you bet I will for next year. I guess we should all be happy that this is the only problem noticed on this ignored corridor.

Liz Hanna


Addabbo, Do More

Dear Editor:

What "future losses" is Senator Addabbo protecting us from? Look at 116th Street. Listen to the voices of your community, Senator, voices never heard in matters of great civic consequence—like losing local businesses and our only available coffee shop and diner combined, The Last Stop.

Senator A, this is The Last Straw! Do something and fight any injustices in that provisional law you cite, NOT "so that situations like this don't happen again," but NOW. Grow some territorial integrity and stop it NOW with a lawsuit, so that we have something left on our street. Prevent the MTA from grabbing big bucks from an unseen bidder.

Unless there is some reason you don't want to.

For God's sake, save the speeches and give something back to your deserving constituents.

Maureen McNelis


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