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Rollin’ on a Scooter

Dear Editor:

Like Tina said, I'm going to take the beginning of this letter and do it nice and easy, then I'm going to finish rough. Cuz I'm Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ now, Rollin’, Rollin’ on my scooter.

Welcome to Summer in Rockaway everyone!

I ride a silver Vino scooter. I am a licensed, registered and insured motor vehicle capable of highway speeds, which aren't needed anywhere on the peninsula. I may be behind or in front of you around town or at the light. I follow the rules of the road.

Speaking of roads. We all know how bad they are down here. A hole that might make you in a car, curse under your breath, could be devastating for a bicycle, motorcycle or scooter. So If I move left or right in a lane, this in no way gives you permission to pass me. Trying to pass me not only demonstrates your impatience and inability to be a good road neighbor, you're speeding, cause like the de Blasio limit or not, I am doing it.

My mother tells me, no matter how old I get, I'll always be her baby, so please think of your own children when you decide to jump in front of me, or speed across the intersection.

Just today a black Mercedes drove up behind me on the boulevard going west towards Riis Park and beeped at me while I was doing the 25-mph speed limit. He moved out right and would have gone out around me in the bike lane (perhaps where your children are riding) had there not been a police officer coming the other direction.

As a matter of course, their destination was not even past the park. Really? Were they going to pass me to turn left or right in front of me three blocks away? Really???

Another of too many instances was in the Stop & Shop parking lot. The light turned green and my scooter stalled. The man behind me with the little mini-me sitting next to him, standing on his horn, both of them with their outstretched palms up, hands pointing at the light, as if I didn't have a better view than them, got an inappropriate response from me, I'll admit. Do either of these scenarios sound like you? Well, leave five @°%! minutes earlier next time then! And pay attention to what you’re teaching your children. The life you save may be mine, or another mother’s child. And have a great, friendly, Rockaway summer.

Cause I'm Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' on my scoo-ooterrrrrrr

Lisa Z


Scenic Rockaway

Dear Editor:

The next time Mayor de Blasio or one of his administrators are in Rockaway, someone should take them for a scenic ride on Beach Channel Drive. Start at Pat Brackley’s beautiful garden on Beach 123rd Street. Can’t see any beauty there? Then head down to Tribute Park and make sure they notice all the pipes, tar pits, and barrels at the end of the bay blocks as they travel east. Now wait a minute, where did Tribute Park go? Don’t tell me it’s become a parking lot for heavy equipment. Hopefully, NYC is collecting some rental revenue from the contractor. While at the intersection of Beach 116th Street and Beach Channel Drive, visiting dignitaries can admire the aftermath of the big dig that was done/is still being done/will probably go on and on all summer.

Moving right along, our visitors can enjoy smooth sailing as they pass the ferry and approach the Cross Bay Memorial Bridge. Then hold onto your hats, boys and girls, because it’s a bumpy ride from Beach 92nd Street all the way to Beach 84th. And just when they may think the worst is over, there’s the lovely stretch between Beach 75th and Beach 67th Streets. Alright, that wasn’t so bad and it’s all behind them now. Not so fast!  Before they know what hit them, they’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ all the way from Beach 45th to Beach 37th.

And here’s the best part, they get to do it all over again on the way back!

Marguerite Kazalski



Lew’s Blues

Dear Editor:

For the last few months Council members and Board members of the 100th Precinct Community Council urged me to run for President of the Council. Before I made my commitment, I looked to get approval from the NYC Police Department at 1 Police Plaza. I was aware of guidelines that may not allow elected officials to serve as president of a Police Community Council.

I started the process by reaching out to Deputy Commissioner Nilda Irizarry Hofmann, a 3 star Chief in Community Affairs. She had Detective Denise Smith reach out to me. We went back and forth on the nature of my elected position. The guidelines on page seven of the Community Council Guidelines said I was not eligible to run. They determined that the guidelines were only suggestions and were not enforced.

They follow Robert's Rules of Order. I asked for the approval in writing. They consulted the Legal Bureau of the Police Department. Captain Louron Hall of the 100th Precinct received a call that I was eligible to run. On Wednesday, May 22, my name was put in nomination with no opposition. Nominations were closed.

On Thursday, May 30, Captain Hall told me that Police Plaza had made a mistake. They said I was not eligible to serve as Council President. I was mortified by the fact they told me I could run and then told me I was not eligible. I would never have sought the position of president unless they told me I was eligible. I did not want to look like a fool.

At the next Community Council meeting on Wednesday, June 26, I will nominate Kathy Heavey as president. After 43 years of attending Council meetings and serving as Executive Vice President for almost a decade, I look forward to continuing to work closely with the Council, Captain Hall and the officers of the 100th Precinct. For the last 25 years I have been privileged to serve as Assembly District Leader. I will continue to work as hard as I can on public safety issues. Neither position is a paying position.

Lew. M. Simon


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