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Nice Addition

Dear Editor:

So glad to see that the publisher and editor are listening to their readers. Last year, I was disappointed that a famous Rockaway father, Kevin Boyle, was left out of the Father’s Day photos. I told them if I do not see KBs photo next year for Father’s Day, I will no longer "purchase" their paper!

 Kenny M


Repairs Need Fixing

Dear Editor:

This morning I rode my bike through Riis Park on the boardwalk, which has very dangerous due to broken concrete in dire need of repair. As I passed by the newly-renovated and reinstalled clock, I noticed the north and south faces had the correct time, the east and west faces were over 20 minutes fast. More money wasted!

Then I continued into Fort Tilden on the beach road. When I got to the part that was destroyed by Sandy, it was repaired with “crushed sea shells.” Is it too much to expect the National Park Service to repair it properly?

 Peter J. Larkin


Knew It All Along

Dear Editor:

I wanted to thank Ryan Schwach for writing an article that is 60 years in the making. We have always been saying that the sand does not work, but jetties or groins are the way to go. We realize that yes, both ways are costly and both ways still perhaps involve adding more sand, but we have complained about this issue for 60 years to deaf ears. How come after 60 years you finally take notice? We also know that yes, it is always a direct hit and that’s why it is happening. If you took a look at a map, you would notice this. This article proves what we knew 60 years ago. Thank you for verifying what we have always known for the past 60 years or even longer.

Adriana Sullivan


No To Overdevelopment

Dear Editor:

Myself along with many residents across the Rockaway community have deep concerns, as we all should, about the CURRENT rezoning of the former Peninsula Hospital site. The CURRENT plan will bring about 1,500+ NEW school-age children to an area where the schools are already overcrowded and underperforming.  There is NO New School Planned or in the City's Budget and PS/IS 105 is at 112% capacity, while PS 106 is at 134% capacity. 

How are children supposed to have an opportunity to get ahead when the city, builder and politicians are continually setting up our children for failure, by NOT providing them with an adequate and safe learning environment?? 

  The builder only has an "as of Right" to build 568 units of housing, but if this site is rezoned  and 2,200 units are built "With Action" as the builder wants, the most vulnerable children of the Arverne, Edgemere and Far Rockaway community will be short 2,000 elementary school seats AND the local area schools will operate at 135% capacity.   This is no way for children to learn and will only be setting up the most marginalized children of the community to fail.  The community will need TWO NEW SCHOOLS for all the new children at the Peninsula site and also the additional school that has long been promised for the Arverne By the Sea residents.  I urge all residents across the Rockaway peninsula from east to west to come to the Special Community Board meeting at the Knights of Columbus on Tuesday, June 25, 7 p.m. and voice your concerns about the severe adverse impact this current "With Action" plan will have on the children of our community.

Glenn DiResto


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