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Dear Editor:

Congratulations to you and your staff!

During the last five years, we thoroughly enjoyed reading The Rockaway Times. Articles by Katie McFadden, Beth Hanning and Dr. Peter Galvin were tops!

You and your staff need to be commended for their superb work. May The Rockaway Times continue to flourish for many more years.

Many thanks. God bless you.

Sisters Pat Walsh, Paul Marita and Pat Chelius


Cheers to 5 Years


Dear Editor:

Years ago, at the start of my own full-time career as a journalist, someone told me something very important. Something that has stuck with me to this day.

He said it in reference to Rockaway, but it really applies to journalism across the board.

"It's not like crime or bad things don't happen in Rockaway," he said, "and we will report on them. But they are not the ONLY thing that happens in Rockaway."

That was my editor, Kevin Boyle, on his first day as my boss. I kept that mantra in my mind every day as assistant editor.

Especially in those days after Hurricane Sandy had almost...almost...devastated Rockaway and Broad Channel out of existence, it was a powerful message.

Hell, we not only resurrected a paper, but we even won awards in that first year after that brutal storm.

I not only had the pleasure of working with Kevin, but even also with now award-winning editor, Katie McFadden.

Later Kevin went on to found The  Rockaway Times. 

He, Katie and so many others have not just held to that mantra about the good that happens in Rockaway. They have made it blossom into the superstar that is The Rockaway Times.

To me its reflection of life, of superior grit, community, creativity and joy is what makes it truly Rockaway's newspaper.

It is us.

Happy 5th Birthday, RT. Wishing you many, many more.

Dan Guarino


A Tough Cell


Dear Editor:

In 2008, as noted in the June 27 Rockaway Times edition, the West End Temple was being considered as a cellphone tower site. My mother attended a meeting concerning that, as a member of the temple. Had the cell site gone in, it would have been a source of income for the rental of a small portion of the Temple buildings or grounds, covering some of the temple's costs of operation.

The crowd was almost militant in objection to the site being placed there, in part, as also noted in the article, to "protect the children."

My mother also noted that many there, in the NIMBY protest, were actively on their cellphones. At the time, she commented to me that the protesters were somewhat hypocritical, as they seemed to want things both ways, being able  to use their cellphones,  but no site for their cellphones to connect through.

When the "temporary" cellphone tower went up in the middle of "Rockaway Beach Drive/Mickey Carton Way" at Beach 108th Street, the comments were not in protest, but in bewilderment, "What IS that monstrosity?"

Due to Superstorm Sandy, many towers in Rockaway were disabled, and temporarily replaced by trailer-mounted towers. There were more cellphones being activated, due to the "Land Lines" being down. As I was a storm refugee, I finally got a cellphone for my own use, to the amusement of some who know my usage of other electronic devices.

As for the possible tower site in the Neponsit Home, only time will tell if the neighborhood will accept it or not.

Richard Berger


The First Class


Dear Editor:

Regarding your article last week about the closing of St. Camillus School, 68 years ago my mother was waiting on line to enroll two of her boys in the first classes of the school. My mother was second in line when the woman in front asked if my Mom could watch her spot as she had to take her son to the bathroom (or lavatory as we were taught). Soon after, the doors opened for registration. My mother tried to explain about the absent mother, but the nuns didn’t want any delay, so my older brothers, Pat and Jerry, were the first students to enter the roll at SCS. Pat was the first student from SCS to attend Annapolis but more importantly, Jerry sold more chance books than anyone in school history. Every year for about six in a row, he won top prize: a Phillips portable radio. I’m not sure if anyone ever won the top raffle prize: a trip for two to the Caribbean.

Shaun Reen


What, Er, Gives?


Dear Editor:

Now that summer is upon us, my water bill skyrockets. I agonize over using my sprinkler system. It occurs to me that water used for sprinkler systems, pools and manually watering lawns is NOT disposed of through the sewer system. Since the bulk of the charge is sewer (1.5 times the water), we are being overcharged consistently. This is unfair.

Mary C O'Leary


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