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Fairy Godmother


Dear Editor:

Childhood should be magical. Full of dreams come true and wishes granted. Santa Claus should visit more than once a year, and every child should have his own personal fairy godmother. And while even you guys can’t deliver all of this, I want to thank you for so many magical Thursdays at P.S./M.S.114 over the past five years. I wish you could have shared the enchanted moments when my writing students discovered they’d been published in The Rockaway Times. You helped me prove to them that dreams do come true if you wish and work hard enough. Thank you for being my partners for five years and their fairy godmothers. You’ve boosted the self-confidence of so many children. High enough to keep them believing in themselves. Powerful enough to keep them writing. And perhaps that is the real magic here. Dear editor and staff, I’m not surprised that good guys like you are behind the best newspaper in town. I whisper a silent prayer that The Rockaway Times will write on for as long as kids need to feel special and enjoy a childhood touched by magic.

Joan Diehl
Creative Writing Teacher
P.S./M.S. 114


Dolphins Aplenty


Dear Editor:

It’s weird when Rockaway residents tell me they’ve never seen dolphins. You live in Rockaway, how the heck do you NOT see dolphins? Dolphins are gregarious, sociable and highly intelligent creatures. I wonder where they look...

Active? Swim in the ocean or join the surfers and paddle boarders on the waves for their daily morning rides. Fear of sharks? No problem. Rockaway has five miles of boardwalk! You can jog, run, walk or bike along the stretch. And if you’re feeling wild and crazy, go over the bridge into Long Beach for lunch. Need teamwork? Join the beach volleyball league and spend your Wednesday nights bumping, setting, spiking and striving to be the last team to leave the beach when play is over. Plenty of dolphins do that, you will find them there.

Like music? Hit Caracas, Low Tide or Rippers on the boardwalk or go the myriad of bars and restaurants which feature local bands playing music ranging from Grateful Dead to Hip Hop. Thai Rock is my personal favorite for music, food and pretty cocktails.

Dolphins like to dance so you will see them in abundance.

Did you say food? There are TONS of eateries to suit every taste: Oasis Ramen House, Uma’s, Pico, Whit’s End, RBQ, Bungalow Bar, and so many others. Did I mention Thai Rock is my favorite? If you know dolphins, you know they enjoy a good meal.

Want to relax? Grab the yoga mat and join the bendy people along the shore. Not stretchy? No problem, they don’t judge. You can also slather yourself with sunscreen and bask on the sand. The “nutcracker” man has become a welcome addition to the Rockaway Beach experience.

Anyway, there are so many things to embrace about Rockaway and so many other people who can give greater insight on living your best life here. I just wanted to talk about dolphins. If you can’t see them on the shore line, look elsewhere. Our community is full of them.

Kay Sullivan


Poor Staging


Dear Editor:

(In response to 7/4 Traffic Woes article) Your article did not discuss the fact that the contractors on Beach Channel Drive are using the park at Beach 124th Street as a staging ground. They are leaving debris and left-over pipes, cement, sand, wood, metal plates, all around the park, which gets blown around and winds up in the sewers.

This has been the staging ground for this project the past entire year, since the project got started. It took many phone calls to Eric Ulrich's office, and the assistance of Robert Schwach and Matt Pecorino from Eric Ulrich's office to get the forklifts and dumpsters to discontinue the night work at the staging area. (Keep your fingers crossed). From midnight until 4 a.m., the trucks would be backing up, dropping their loads, beep-beep-beeping all night long.

Surely there must be a better staging area away from residences. Perhaps along BCD between Beach 127th and 132nd, a wide-open swath by the bay with much less disturbance to residents.

P.S. Calls to Anthony Toussaint have gone unanswered. Hundreds of calls, not one answer.

Irene Brunstein


Shame On Their Parade


Dear Editor:

Two million dollars will be spent on a ticker tape parade for women that won some trophy in Europe, whereas millions of children are hungry in New York. That money could’ve been given to the 100th Precinct Community Council's Food Drive. Shame on de Blasio.

David Doblack


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