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Dim Bulbs

Dear Editor:

I’m a retired city employee. Part of my duties was to report problems around the five boroughs. I often called in potholes, defective street lights, traffic signals, etc. I recently called 311 to report a street light that was out. In times past, it was very simple. Now they have some new computer model. Every location I offered, the computer rejected. I went back and forth for about 15 minutes. The operator told me to call Con Edison. I told her we don’t have Con Edison. Unreal. In desperation, I called Councilman Eric Ulrich’s office. At least with him, I know the problem will be taken care of. But the city is going to hell in a hand basket.

James Murray


Counting Votes

Dear Editor:

The close primary election for the nomination for Queens District Attorney should encourage voters to find a system more likely to select a candidate with majority support.

In November, we may be able to vote for a Charter amendment instituting ranked voting. With many candidates running, voters can choose a first choice, second choice or more. If the first choice is not selected, votes are transferred to the next choice. This system is used in the state of Maine and a number of cities.

The Board of Elections is a partisan agency with the Commissioners and most of the poll workers chosen by the Democratic and Republican organizations. The oversight may work when each party watches the other. The system is sorely tested when the organization is challenged in a primary.

We can hope that the Board of Elections ruled fairly in the current election, but will have to wait for a decision from the highest New York State court.

A non-partisan Board of Elections would make for more confidence that the system is fair to all candidates.

Norman Silverman


No Weekends RSVPs

Dear Editor:

Weekend events off the peninsula during the summer?  That’s a hard NO!

Dreaded is the envelope with the embossed gold sticker. ‘“No”, and a gift is the standard response, unless family or close friend. Resentment quickly builds towards the selfish jerks who thought to include you in the celebration of their significant life events. The scarcity of weekends justifies the ensuing bitterness.

Fear-Of-Missing-Out is an epidemic among would-be vacationers. They pore through local papers to weigh the desirability of upcoming events. Getaways are coordinated around festivals and concerts in order to fully partake in the benefits of being a local.

The shortage of weekends and abundance of revelry is clearly an issue. Residents of the nether boroughs should be made aware of our plight and will perhaps become sympathetic. “Woke” individuals will avoid scheduling events between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and maybe provide “Safe Spaces” and “Comfort Animals” to denizens forced off the peninsula due to poor planning.

Until then, ”No” and a gift will have to suffice.

Kay Sullivan


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