Bring Back the Buoys

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Bring Back the Buoys

Dear Editor:

I think the city should bring back the three orange and yellow barreled buoys that they had in the sixties when I was young. They were anchored in the middle of each beach by a thick rope with the barreled buoys attached to the rope at so many feet apart from one another, so the young and the old had something to hold onto in case the water was a bit too rough. In today’s world with all the drownings that are occurring by people who don’t want to follow the rules, and to be honest, can’t swim too well, these buoys just might save lives like they did back then. If you have a picture of them on the beaches back then, please show it.

(Editor's note: Picture from Facebook of a boy on the buoys accompanies this letter.) 

Sonny Livingston


Missing Memorial

Dear Editor:

On July 4, 133 Beach block dedicated its new flag pole to John Gerard Farrell who lost his life on September 11, 2001. On Thursday, August 8, the plaque was there when the flag was raised, but that evening it was noted that it was missing when it was lowered. It was not seen in the immediate area and the next day. Several of our neighbors searched the nearby shrubs and beyond the beach wall area. I cannot imagine what value it would have to anyone but the people on our block, especially the Farrell Family. I truly hope that someone in good conscience would return the plaque.

Larry Gray


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