One Great Gatsby!

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One Great Gatsby!

Dear Editor:

Superb performances, setting, costumes and just everything. RTC continues to amaze with its latest show—The Great Gatsby.

All great, and two new luminaries shine, oh-so-brightly, namely Nina Varano as the supposedly-ingenuous Daisy and Nick Safier as Jay Gatsby—Wonderful, 'Old Sport!'

Broadway should come here and take notes. I certainly have. Bravo, Carraway,  Steve Wagner, that is, and the entire cast, and for our friend, Ellen for the tickets. What a gift!

Maureen McNelis


Driving Nightmare

Dear Editor:

This city is really doing its best to drive cars off the road. Is there one road that isn’t under construction right now? Drive down Rockaway Beach Boulevard and save yourself a trip to Six Flags—it’s just like riding a roller coaster! On Beach Channel Drive, near Beach 116th, it seems like they’ve been working on it just about forever. Oh, and that wasn’t enough, so the city decided to rip up a perfectly-fine Cross Bay Boulevard and re-do the roads there, taking their sweet time to repave it.

If the conditions of the road and construction situations weren't already bad, let’s talk about the useless bus lanes that are popping up in Rockaway. They’ve essentially turned main thoroughfares for traffic into one-lane roads around Rockaway Beach, causing cars to swerve in and out of lanes because drivers aren’t quite sure where they’re supposed to be.

It has literally become a nightmare to drive anywhere in Rockaway, and that’s without the beach traffic! I’m terrified to see what happens next summer.

 Kristen Beckett


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