Alma Mater Mixup

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Alma Mater Mixup

Dear Editor:

I’ve been meaning to write for a while to say how much I enjoy reading your paper. Though living in Singapore, my mother (Peggy Moerler) mails it to me every week. On my next trip back to Rockaway, I’ll have to pick up a shirt and will send in a photo from somewhere in Asia.

It’s always good to see what’s up in Rockaway and what Rockaway folks are up to. I’ve just received the September 26, 2019 issue (snail mail takes some time to get here) and saw the article about a Rockaway Guy Takes Over WeWork.  I did not realize that Artie Minson was also from Rockaway and St. Francis de Sales, however a bit of school spirit compels me to write to say that he graduated from Regis High School, not Loyola High School as reported.

Peter Moerler



Bus Lane Blues

Dear Editor:

The bus lane on the Boulevard between Beach 90th (where it widens) and Beach 102nd (where it turns) is frickin' ridiculous. People now park in the only westbound lane, causing traffic and westbound buses, that don't have the "luxury" of a bus lane, to swerve in and out of eastbound traffic. Just yesterday on my way to the 101 Deli, I saw a car doing dangerous maneuvers, swerving in and out of traffic twice, followed by a U-Turn during the second (necessitated by the narrow area between lanes) all because a car was in the way, and later saw a person walk out of his car, and if he had stayed outside his car five seconds more, the car trying to make its way down the boulevard would have had to swerve so far to avoid them that they would have went into the passenger door of a car they missed by mere inches at such an angle that the windshield would be hit but the front air bags wouldn't deploy. Plus buses have to either a) go in to oncoming traffic (though at 102nd there shouldn't be any due to signal patterns) or b) go onto or next to the curb (I witnessed both, and nearly got hit due to the latter). Come on, de Blasio! We don't need this!

Declan Hughes



Road Outrage

Dear Editor:

Anyone notice how badly our local roads in Rockaway have deteriorated in the past few years under the regime of Comrade de Blasio, who has shown himself to be a marvel of ineptitude? Rockaway Beach Blvd from Beach 108th to Beach 116th is truly remarkable. Riding this stretch reminds me of the magic carpet ride in the fun house of old Rockaway Playland. I have seen better streets in the back roads of Barbados. I have an idea. If enough of us complain that the rocky road, which happens to have a bike lane embedded in it is a danger to cyclists, the Dept. of Transportation will respond immediately with a fresh coat of asphalt. Wishful thinking, I suspect.

 Tom Barry


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