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Dear Editor:

  The corporate offices of Walgreens now run Duane Reade and Rite-Aid. These are two of our Rockaway pharmacies. The takeover of these pharmacies has proved to be a disaster for residents of Rockaway. I have frequented both of these stores and the sales have become non-existent. Yes, they do give a 20% discount once a month, if you can get there on that day. Specifically, Rite Aid always had—Buy 1 get 1 free sales, and buy 1 and get the second half price—we don't see that any longer. This corporate takeover of these two firms has really been a setback to seniors, who for the most part rely on these stores.

 Bill Dickesheid


Far Rock Gripes

Dear Editor:

I moved back to Far Rockaway after a 40 + years absence. Believe me, I know things change and unfortunately not always for the best. The once active Far Rockaway community, with a thriving business district, no longer exists. The politicians believe by putting up affordable housing in crime- and drug-ridden areas will help. Me, I see unfortunate people who cannot afford decent housing being dumped into a jobless, dirty crime-ridden neighborhood that is so lacking of services that the local post office doesn't even have stamp machines.

I also see a community where currently many streets in Far Rockaway have lots full of debris and garbage. Walking down our sidewalks, there are minefields of dog waste. Dog owners decide it's not their responsibility and from what I see, no one cares.

 We have two city garbage receptacles on my block that are only picked up after I spend a half an hour with a 311 operator. Getting tired of only having our refuse cans emptied by complaining, I decided to contact the local city councilman office of Donovan Richards. I emailed and included about 16 pictures, also explaining that the wind has been not only blowing the garbage into the streets and vacant lots, but the wind has also knocked the cans over. Well, it’s over a week later and the cans are still polluting the neighborhood with garbage. Councilman Richards proved to me that he doesn't care. After all, look how beautiful Rockaway is once you leave Far Rockaway. Problem is, if our paid city officials don't care, no matter how gorgeous the beach in Far Rockaway is, the town will be a place people living in Rockaway and Far Rockaway will not visit or shop in.

Harvey Brownstein


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