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We Get Email

Dear Editor:

So this is one of our main intersections in Rockaway at 116th Street??? It looks like a third world country. They completely wiped out the island to the right where someone took the time and effort to plant flowers and bushes. Apparently it was in the city’s path of destruction. About two or three years ago, they erected those wooden structures around all the trees in the median of Beach Channel Drive at 114th to 116th Streets, leading us to believe they would repave soon. It never happened and the unsightly wood is still up. They also left the ugly orange netting up around the other plants in the median and never bothered to remove it, so it is simply a part of our landscape. There are no pavement markings and it is a free-for-all. When will this all be resolved???? Hopefully 2020???

 Kimkaye Jenkusky 


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