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Officer Support

 Dear Officer Vinitsky:

(Regarding Rockaway Times, 12-5-19) Today, I had the disconcerting experience reading of your attack by a prisoner and subsequent hospitalization for the past few years. As uncomfortable as it was to read, there was a brighter side to see the response of the NYPD officers and many others in supporting you during this most difficult time of your life. Most of all, it was uplifting to see how you are handling the situation with profound strength of character and a sense of great faith and hope. You are surely an extraordinary example to others and, perhaps, a help to some in similar circumstances to bear their physical burdens as well. 

I just want to offer my support and assurance of my prayers and thank you for your outstanding, splendid service to the citizens of New York. Also would like to thank Ms. Katie McFadden for her article on your plight and courage as published in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES.  

During this pre-Christmas season, may I offer one of my favorite prayers: May the Lord bless you and keep you. May he let His face shine upon you and be merciful to you. May the Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace. With great admiration.

Brother Robert Falcone, CSC


Jumping the Gun

Dear Editor:

I am appalled by some of the immediate reactions online to the news of a cop finding a razor blade in his sandwich from Bon Appetit. Like myself, Rockaway is clearly a place that supports law enforcement. A place where in every other home, it seems is a cop that lives there, protecting it. There’s no doubt that we love and respect law enforcement. But we’re also a neighborhood that usually supports local business and it’s that very ‘mom and pop’ characteristic of our local businesses that contributes to what makes Rockaway, Rockaway. So I was shocked when so many people, instead of waiting for the facts, jumped to conclusions and assumed that this was an attempted murder on a police officer. Some brought out their torches and pitchforks and immediately called for Bon Appetit to be shut down, for the person that did this to face the ultimate punishment—death, and that someone should even burn the deli to the ground.

Fortunately, within 24 hours, it was later revealed by the NYPD Commissioner himself, that this whole thing was an accident and there was no intentional harm towards a cop. I hope this whole incident serves as a lesson to those to not jump to conclusions and make comments on something that they may later regret.

Sadly, this news of it being an accident came out and still, some are not convinced, with some continuing to call it bulls***. Why in the world would the commissioner of the NYPD come out and call this an accident, after their own people, the NYPD, reviewed footage and determined that this wasn’t intentional? If that is not enough for you to accept it as truth, I don’t know what will convince you.

I am glad that the officer will recover and hope that Bon Appetit will too. As we enter the slow season for all local businesses, this is going to be a tough blow, no doubt. I do hope that most people come to their senses and continue to support this neighborhood deli that has served this community, including our law enforcement, for decades... The last thing we want to see is it be replaced by yet another nail salon.

Jim Camden


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