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Dear Editor:

Over the weekend (12/14-15), apparently someone tried to break into my car, leaving me with a broken driver’s side door handle, still usable ‘if’ you were careful opening and closing the door.

Yesterday (12/16), I needed to go to Stop & Shop, and drop off a package to UPS. Driving home, I see the UPS truck parked. I pull over, close my door and race to give him my package, leaving my car running. When I return and attempt to re-enter my car, the broken handle came off in my hand and I was locked out of my running car. I tried, with the help of ‘Gerard’ (UPS guy), to get the door open, but nothing worked. Now, I had no key or phone (both locked inside) and my running car is blocking someone’s driveway…..I walk up and knock on the door, cowering, fully expecting a very angry person to emerge. Instead out came an Angel.

She smiled and did everything possible to help me. Lent me her phone (I couldn’t remember phone numbers, having relied on my phone’s memory all these years—note to all cellphone users out there—haha!). She drove me home to get my spare key (lucky for me my son was home). She waited, drove me back to my car BUT no luck, the spare key didn’t work.  Her next thought was to go to Bulloch’s. She drove me there, came in with me, and, thankfully, Tommy Bulloch was there. He smiled, said, “don’t worry, I will come right over.” Within minutes, he was there. His first attempt didn’t work, he had to go back to the shop for a different tool and finally….SUCCESS!

I truly don’t know what I would have done without these ANGELS!

I guess the moral of this story is: Believe. There really are Angels—they show up just when you need them most. Mine showed up this Christmas season and left me feeling very thankful.

My Angels had names: Gerard (UPS), Tommy Bulloch and Noreen Linares (she was driving the sleigh). Merry Christmas to All!

Margaret Quartuccio


Road Woes

Dear Editor:

Is it a plot or a revenge? I just know IT IS ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL! I am referring to the mine stretch called Rockaway Beach Blvd between Beach 116th Street and 113th Street. Every time I ride over it, I fear for my tires and metal wheel rims. It is three miserable blocks of bumps and ruts and I loathe passing over it, worrying about a blowout.

And this strip happens to be part of the most commercial intersection on the peninsula. Who do we seek out to remedy this? Eric Ulrich? Others? Meanwhile, Broad Channel and Howard Beach have both been recently repaved, smooth as a baby's behind. Help!

Glenn Lawson


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