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 Dear Editor:

Reading the latest edition of The Rockaway Times, Rockaway seems to want to move forward and the price tag for property on 116th Street makes it evident. New businesses opening. The only one who doesn't see it is Mayor De Blabbio. One step forward, 10 steps backward. The thing that really infuriates me, as well as many others… WTF is with the roads. Beach Channel Drive construction has been going on for a year. The summer of 2018, Rockaway Beach Blvd. was dug up from the Beach 116th area east to the 70s. Where are the elected officials? They too drive on these roads. We pay a road-use tax of $15 or $20 a year per car. Where does that money go? Maybe flood 311 with complaints and start sending repair bills to the DOT.

Bob Crowley

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