Remembering Irish Town

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 Dear Editor:

I spent many nights and early mornings in Irish Town. I’m going back to the ‘40s and ‘50s. There was Mike Woods in The Irish Circle, the Dublin House and the Sligo House and many more.

The Irish Circle was so busy, there was money all over the floor behind the bar. They did not have time to pick it up and put it away.

On a Saturday night, we stayed there ‘til curfew (then 3 o’clock), then we would buy a few six packs and go down to the beach. Then at 6 o’clock we’d go to Mass at St. Camillus Church.

The live entertainment in Irish Town were Mickey and Mary Carton, and the McNulty family—Eileen, Peter and Ma McNulty. I still got old 78 vinyl records of them. I remember Seaside was packed. This was the time before air conditioning and very few people had cars, so they seemed to come for the summer or the weekends.

For some reason, most of the Irish seemed to come from the Bronx, not from Brooklyn.

Jim Kelly

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