Come Together, Apart

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Dear Editor:
There are so many incredible things that make Rockaway so special. It is the only place I know where 70+ year-olds who shared the same first-grade class still hang out together. It is a place where we all just walk right into each other’s houses without knocking and have been doing it for 40, 50, or 60 years. It is a place with one social event after the next where the motto is “come one, come all” or “more the merrier.” It is a place where you can easily have four generations living within a few blocks of one another.
It is all these things that make Rockaway so beautiful. So unique. A place like no other that I have come across in my 30 years of traveling back and forth, across this great country of ours. These unique attributes also make us so vulnerable to the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the globe and heading for the shores we call home.
Please remember the more the merrier can wait till summer. Until then, let’s be careful. A little sacrifice now can make us all stronger in the long run.

James Brennan

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