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 Dear Editor:

We must stay the course and not reopen, until the number of new coronavirus cases is low enough that we can trace all persons who had contact with a new victim.

We are now lucky enough to have states, Florida, Texas, Georgia and others, that will test whether opening up to soon would be a mistake. Will the number of cases increase in these states?

These states will open parks, beaches, restaurants and other places. Restaurants, I think will be the most likely place to become infected. If one worker becomes infected and does not follow health rules about wearing protective gear, how many possible people can that one person infect? The difference between being able to pass the virus to others and when a person has symptoms are days. A small mistake by a dish washer, cook, line person or waiter/waitress can easily spread the virus in that closed environment. Touching dishes or silverware without gloves. Breathing on a surface without a mask. Will the restaurant sanitize surfaces in the bathroom after each person uses them? A sick person going to a restaurant can easily infect other patrons and restaurant workers.

Florida will not open businesses in areas where the virus cases are highest. How will they prevent a person from those areas driving to a business that’s open? It would be like Nassau County opening businesses and NYC staying closed. How many people from Queens, do you think, would drive into Nassau County to eat out?

I think by the second or the third week in May, we’ll have our answer. And I think it will prove that staying closed was the correct move.

From March 25 to May 1, NYC averaged around 3,763 new cases a day. From April 25 to May 2, NYC averaged around 2,280 new cases a day. We are slowly getting there, but we have a long way to go.

Mark Eidinger




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