Nursing Home Numbers

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Dear Editor:

It is good to see that Governor Cuomo has backed off somewhat from his terrible policy in regard to the placement of patients with coronavirus in nursing homes. These deaths account for more than 25% of all deaths in NY state, according to the statistics they have provided, which also list these fatalities by facility.

As devastating as these numbers are, I believe they greatly understate the true depth of the problem. These numbers only count those who actually died in the nursing home, not any that may have been infected there, but made it to a hospital to die. They also do not include numbers from extended care facilities, sub-acute and acute care facilities, and most seriously, assisted living communities, such as Belle Harbor Manor and Surfside Manor, that most of us would generally consider to be 'nursing homes.' Residents of Beach 125th St have witnessed double digits in victims coming out of BH Manor who are not accounted for in these reports. I think that a closer investigation would reveal that these deaths actually account for over 50% and perhaps as much as 2/3 of NY state COVID fatalities. We need real numbers.


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