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 Dear Editor:

We are long-term bungalow residents and owners (50+ years) of Beach 109th Street. We cherish our summer homes and are grateful to be a part of this wonderful Rockaway community. However, in recent years our quality of life is being adversely affected by the increasingly growing population of feral cats. They are being fed underneath our windows on Shore Front and make their homes beneath our bungalows. As a result, we are subjected to the smell of feces each time the wind blows, the odor of cat spray in our homes, dead birds in our court, porch posts being destroyed because they have become scratching posts, and a flare up of allergy symptoms. Although the different groups of people who feed these feral cats, have been asked to stop, they contend it is the humane thing to do.

All of us are pet owners - cats and dogs alike. We are not asking for the people to stop feeding the cats; we are only asking that they do it in a different location, so that we might have a healthier and more pleasant quality of life.

 Distressed Residents
of Beach 109

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