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 Dear Editor:

Is it possible for The Rockaway Times to print something good about our governor? Every issue I read somehow manages to paint Cuomo in a negative light or at best a back-handed compliment. Are you afraid your readership will be insulted? I don't believe that he does everything right, by any means, but he is managing this crisis when leaders in Washington are not, and the numbers prove it. He is admired across the country and not just by Democrats. This paper barely finds anything positive to say about Cuomo, or dare I say de Blasio.

Even de Blasio, for all his arrogance, has not turned his back on Rockaway. It is very easy to find fault, and I do, but I can also point to a lot of positive things like full-day pre-k and kindergarten and the ferry system. “Being left out” is a complaint I have heard for the last twenty years. Whether we like it or not, they have expanded bus service, brought in the Lime Bikes (wherever they are now) into the Rockaways and have tried to include us in the scope of the city.

What is this barrage of constant attacks and negativity on the Governor and the Mayor looking to accomplish? Meanwhile, I never see a negative thing about the administration in Washington that is trying to destroy New York. I never see any negative comments about the elephant in the room, namely Trump. His name is conspicuously absent from this newspaper, meanwhile he repeatedly throws NYC under the bus for his own gratification. Not to mention how he is putting himself before lives by giving the thumbs up to armed protestors for the sake of dividing us for his own political purpose.

Cuomo has been imploring the federal government for aid to both state and local governments throughout the stimulus votes. Right now, we are in danger of deep budget cuts and we are in danger of losing the ferry, cuts to police, firefighters, and teachers. You can kiss full day pre-kindergarten and 3-K goodbye. Even the generous pensions that many enjoy, risk being slashed.

Cuomo has made the case that NY contributes vastly more to the federal government than it receives, so why aren’t we getting the aid we deserve? It comes down to hatred. It took the Congress three months to approve aid to NY and NJ after Hurricane Sandy. Within a week, aid was given to Louisiana and Houston and supported by NY. This deep-rooted contempt by the red states and the current administration is going to cost us dearly and this paper is complicit if it doesn’t support and share the truth about our leaders who are doing the right thing at this time.

When the ferry disappears and salaries are cut and we lose police, firemen and teachers, don’t blame our Governor and Mayor because they didn’t bring this about. They are doing their part to protect us. There is so much at stake right now. Why aren’t you helping?

Mike and Denise Scandiffio

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