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Re: (“Stay The Course” from 5/7/20 issue) Contact tracing in NYC is a fantasy. With infected people being asymptomatic for days, once the city re-opens, it will be almost impossible to know where your infection came from. Setting a bar like that will leave us in a lockdown state forever.

Let’s not forget why we locked down in the first place. The Rockaway Times had a cover to remind us. To “flatten the curve.” Has the curve not been flattened? Thanks to our amazing healthcare workers, the healthcare system has proven itself able to handle everything this virus has thrown at it with not one person dying from a lack of resources.

     Stay the course of protecting those most vulnerable, of course, but the fact of the matter is if you are young and healthy there is no reason you should not be living your life right now. Taking a walk on a sunny day will show that I am not alone on this front.

Sean McVeigh

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