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Dear Editor:

As of this week, I will no longer be selling ads for The Rockaway Times. My five years of doing this have been a very enjoyable experience.
I've learned how hard business owners work to be successful. I've learned how effective ads can be even though some say print media is dead. When butcher Sorrentino advertised from his store in Howard Beach, he attracted so many people from Rockway that he moved his business here. When Dolce Vita restaurant on Ave. N in Brooklyn advertised here, he got many people over the bridge. I never had a problem telling people that ads work, & the more I saw the more confident I became of this. Your paper is free and on the doorstep of most of Rockaway on Thursday when the shopping and weekend plans begin. Thanks for the good experience.

Frank Chimera

(Editor's note: Frank was a great advocate for The Rockaway Times and we wish him the best as he'll now make better use of his time by spending it with his grandkids! The door is always open, Frank.)





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