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 Dear Editor:

Any chance that you can print an article reminding all the cyclists that our boardwalk is a recreational boardwalk and not the Rockaway Beach Indy 500 Boardwalk?

Any chance you can ask the 100 Precinct (who do a great job!) to slow the speedsters down and give them a warning about going too fast on the boardwalk?

Any chance you can remind the cyclists that there are bike lanes on the street that are designated bike lanes for cyclists throughout Rockaway?

Any chance you can remind them how horrible it would be if, while trying to break their world record (Yeah!), they crashed into a pedestrian and caused a serious injury?

Any chance of reminding them how horrible it would be if it was an elderly person who didn’t stand a chance of getting out of their way because their quickness has slightly diminished? Any chance you could remind them that it could be their Mother, Father, Grandpa, Grandma?

Any chance of reminding them how horrible it would be if it was a young child who wiggled their way out of their mother’s hand and ran away and almost got leveled?

This I witnessed the other day and the cyclists yelled at the mother! Really?

Any chance you can tell the cyclists that I am totally a bike person! I am on the boardwalk a couple of times a week, but I am not trying to break (on steroids or not) Lance Armstrong’s records!  

Onto something else! The summer heat is coming, and we can only try to be better prepared! No matter what the elected officials decide about the beaches being open or closed, once the first heat wave hits, guess what? The beaches will be open whether they like it or not! Every year this happens, and Rockaway will be packed no matter what the officials say! Any chance you can ask the city if they have any plans to hand out water safety literature to the thousands of people who come to Rockaway every summer on the ferry or on their own?! Maybe one person will not drown this year by reading it?

Any chance you can ask the city if they thought about a water safety video that they could show to all of our school kids about water safety before the end of this school year especially with the Zoom classroom platform that they have been using! They could reach so many doing that! It should be a mandatory class for all! Common sense! No?

Any chance you could put some pressure on the city to make sure they do this?

This same video could also be shown on the ferry ride down to good old Rockaway! Send it out to the whole country and the rest of the world, too!

 I am sure the FDNY would love to produce such a video and could do it before all the school kids are out of school for the summer! We should try to do what we can to not repeat the drownings of last year and all of the other years!

Can I once again thank you for your time and platform? Keep up the good work!!

Mike Balfe

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