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 Dear Editor:

I really feel the need to address the article about St. Rose (RT 6-11 issue). A lot of the facts in it are wrong and paint a negative picture of the school. Yes, the 8th grade class of St. Rose did not receive sweatshirts BUT there was a plan in motion to have customized t-shirts designed by a Rockaway local resident, whose child attends St. Rose, to be given to each graduating 8th grader. Unfortunately, they were not delivered in time for the graduating class to receive when they had their car parade on May 28. The t-shirts were handed out the same day that the 8th grade class received their graduation hoodies. The t-shirts were donated by the designer whose child attends the school!

Also, the 8th grade DID NOT receive their diplomas as mentioned in the article, they accepted their diplomas Monday, June 15 after attending their virtual graduation with their principle Mrs. Anderson, who after 25+ years at St. Rose will be retiring. The article paints a negative picture of the school, kind of like the staff didn’t care enough to make the end of the year special by not providing hoodies. Meanwhile, the t-shirts that were given are personalized, the image of the school that was drawn is just AMAZING! Most of, if not all of the graduating class that attend the school are locals and can appreciate the hand drawn image of the school that most of them attended since they started pre-k in 2009. I, as a parent, am the biggest cheerleader for this school. Three generations of my family have attended and, am very disappointed by the negative picture that this article painted of the way the staff handled this year’s graduating classes traditions.

A great column would def be an interview with Mrs. Anderson. She was an amazing principle of a local school that had to deal with 9/11, Flight 587 crash, Hurricane Sandy, and the quarantine of 2020. Please do an article on her and her accomplishments. She took over St. Rose a year after I graduated. She turned the school completely around! Whoever takes her place def has HUGE shoes to fill.

St. Rose Parent

(Editor’s note: we’ve been in contact with Theresa Anderson to express our regrets about the errors and oversight in the story that was intended to be heartfelt and “feel good.” We hope to do a story about the good work done by the long-time principal soon).

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