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 Dear Editor:

I’m writing to ask you to vote for Jeanette M. Garramone. She is on the ballot for Democratic District Leader 23rd AD Part B.

District Leaders official duties include electing the Chair of the county party, appointing election workers at local polls sites, selecting the Democratic nominees for vacant Civil Court judgeships, and working with Assemblymembers in organizing political activities in their districts (voter registration drives, community engagement, etc).

District Leaders are unpaid, volunteer, party officials that are elected by voters from within the Assembly District in the Democratic Primary. Each term of office is two years and there are no term limits.

Jeanette M. Garramone has shown true leadership in organizing and enlisting volunteers to help support our seniors and disabled by delivering food throughout our peninsula, Broad Channel, Howard Beach and Ozone Park.

Please cast your vote for Jeanette M Garramone on June 23, or if you choose to do so by mail in Ballot.

Sharon Feldman

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