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 Dear Editor:

In early May, I wrote a letter to the Editor that this paper was kind enough to publish. It stated that we should stay the course and remain locked down and watch to see what happened in the states that were beginning to reopen.

It looks like that was the correct move. At the time, New York City was averaging over 1,500 new Coronavirus a day. We are now averaging around 450 new cases a day, while many of the states that have reopened early to save their economy are recording record number of new cases. Opening early has only set them back against their fight with the coronavirus. And it must be asked, how reopening early helped their people or their economy.

We have done well, but we must not become complacent. We still have a long way to go, to get to zero Coronavirus cases in NYC. And yes, this is hard on the people of NYC. Especially with the weather getting nicer. But think of the consequences of weakening our resolve: more deaths, longer delay in business reopening and crippling medical bills.

We must continue to go slow, continue to social distancing and the wearing of masks. The demonstrations the last few weeks are concerning and hopefully people stayed safe and will do the right thing if they aren’t feeling well. After all our hard work getting our levels down, we don’t need a spike in cases.

We are all in this together and true New Yorkers in times of trouble come together to overcome. Let us continue in our efforts to put this chapter behind us and people will look back that us as examples of what to do and how to behave.

 Mark Eidinger

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