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Dear Editor:

The Covid-19 Pandemic has altered the lives of all people, from infants to seniors. My wife and I are seniors, and have followed all necessary protocols, that the CDC, and our government has asked of us. We have now Quarantined for four months, only to leave the house brief walks on the boardwalk, and doctor visits. We have ordered our groceries online. We became Grandparents, on 2-22-20 to our granddaughter and have only seen her a few times. We both have underlying conditions that make us vulnerable to catching the virus. On our few trips out of the house, I don't recognize anyone, as with the masks, sunglasses, and sometimes a hat, it is impossible to know who you are looking at. Sometimes, you might hear a grunt from under the mask, if that person might think they know you. At that, I will ask my wife, WHO WAS THAT??? I only hope, that someday soon, we will see, and hold our granddaughter, without any fears, and that people will once again have a face. We will worry about the handshake later. Thanks, and BE SAFE.




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