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Dear Editor:

I’m a 70-year-old Covid-19 survivor with underlying conditions who had to self-quarantine for 14 days while sick as hell.

The experience makes me look at matters differently these days. I listen to the “backyard happy hours” that go on too late, especially on weekends! Short walks in the early morning replace my beach time because of overcrowded, unmasked, flip floppers. My gourmet skills are getting better because some bars/restaurants do not follow all proper safety protocols.

On a recent Saturday, it was a nightmare taking a couple of hours to get home from Brooklyn wondering how the one parking lot attendant in the mostly full Riis Park Parking lot must have felt. Overwhelmed?

My point of all this is that we don’t live in a bubble and there’s a pandemic going on. Shouldn’t we be more mindful of being safe for ourselves and others?? ONE infected person asymptomatic or otherwise could exponentially infect and run rampant in an entire community.

Covid-19 has certainly changed my life forever. Try your best not to let it change yours.

Be safe.

William James


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