Extreme Cyclists

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Dear Editor:

I’m a lifelong Rockaway resident. My father was born in the Rockaway hospital, I feel as though this is my place. There’s a lot of problems we’re having lately. Between the terrible roads we seem to be cursed to drive. Or the walking dead homeless that have been forced upon us. But another issue of mine is the extreme cyclists. I despise these people. They act like they have the right of way in every situation. All dressed up in their goofy skin tight bright yellow gear. All pretending that what they’re doing is equivalent to curing cancer. I had enough. I had one today ride up the beach ramp of Beach 122nd Street with maybe an inch between us. I said, “there’s a saying, its Excuse ME.” The extremist waited ‘til he was about a half a block away and then started talking trash on his way downtown. This is at 7Am. I’m tired of seeing these people traveling 20 mph down the boardwalk. This hobby should be in a controlled area. Is there a way to start a petition or a to get rid of these bicyclists in Rockaway? Thanks for listening.

Brian Ward

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