Dune Dunces

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Dear Editor:

When I turned to page 3 of the July 20th edition of your paper and looked at the photos of beach goers happily destroying the sand dunes meant to protect, as much as possible, the beach and inland property from inundation the first thing that came to mind was Albert Einstein’s comment, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” Sadly, he is so correct.

If anything, these photos reveal an example of human stupidity that questions the scientific nomenclature of the term, Homo sapiens (wise man). There is no acceptable reason for what these people are doing. To “get away from the crowds” is no reason to destroy protective structures meant to protect others. Perhaps, they have no idea why dunes are important, but one would think that the Sandy Storm Flood should have been enough to at least prompt some interest in their function as natural walls to protect the beach and beyond from storm surges. Dunes are not meant for picnicking and playing at high levels and those who do not give a hoot about dunes should be reminded that we are, once again, in hurricane season. Be prepared.

Stephen Yaeger



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