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Dear Editor:

As many Rockawayites now know, in part due to the beautiful announcement in The Rockaway Times, my Mom — Peggy Moerler — celebrated her 90th birthday on September 12. There are two specific people that I would especially like to thank for helping to make my Mom’s birthday special: (a) Mary Olsen of The Rockaway Times who was so helpful in putting together the beautiful announcement, despite our changing the background coloraturas a few times! A great job Mary — my Mom was so happy — many thanks! (b) My brother, Joe, who arranged the drive, scheduled phone and Zoom calls throughout the day and watched over the day’s events, ensuring a great deal of happiness for our Mom. Kudos Joe — incredibly well done.

Lastly, to all the people who participated in my Mom’s birthday — once again, you’ve demonstrated that Rockaway is such a special place.

Peter Moerler

(Temporarily resident in Singapore, but with “sand in my shoes.” I’ll be back!)

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