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Dear Editor:

Your recent article by Jean Caligiuri McKenna and the responses that you received remind me of two great songs. One, "Changes" was written by Phil Ochs before he lived in Far Rockaway, and the other is "Rockaway" by Christine Lavin from Brooklyn. The first time I heard Christine’s song, I was probably halfway through it without knowing the name, and I said "Rockaway."  She nailed it. Every summer my mother would rent out our house to city people and every September they would leave, starting with Mrs. Burke from the attic and every September without fail she would cry thinking that this would be her last summer in Rockaway. And then one September it was. It's the story of nailing down the bungalow as winter is nearing in. 

Today, Rockaway is a bedroom community that goes year-round but when I was growing up, we had blocks and blocks of empty shuttered-up houses just beckoning imps like me to create mischief. And yes, we did use to jump from roof top to roof top, something you could never get away with today.

Shaun Reen

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