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 Dear Editor:

 Election Day is starting to seem a lot like Groundhog's Day. Once again, the two major political parties have presented the American people with seriously flawed candidates, pervasive corruption and counter-productive, self-serving policies.

For decades, both parties have been dragging America down the path of a more expensive and intrusive government that is now hopelessly entwined in every aspect of our lives. The cost for all this government can be measured in terms of debt, taxes and a significant loss of individual liberty.

Indeed, it's frightening how politicians holding top executive offices at every level act more like appointed kings than elected representatives. The worst part is that we continue to reelect them. We have met the enemy, and they are us!

Still, we're told that this is the most critical election in our history and we must vote for the lesser of two evils to save the Republic. We must choose either A or B or not vote at all. Those are our only choices. Or are they?

If you're tired of being a pawn in this partisan game, where individuals lose no matter what party wins, I've got good news. This year we don't have to waste our vote on candidates or policies we don't agree just because "the other side" is worse. This year, there is another candidate that deserves our consideration.

Her name is Jo (Josephine ) Jorgensen and she is the Libertarian candidate for President that you've probably never heard of. Jo is on the ballot in all 50 states but the mainstream media doesn't cover her campaign nor was she invited to participate in the presidential debates. So, America never got to hear her ideas. It should come as no surprise that the Republican-Democrat duopoly have designed the rules to squelch any voices that might undermine their power.

Win or lose, voting for a Libertarian candidate is a tangible statement that you do not approve of business as usual. It is a principled vote that signals your desire for real change and non-governmental approaches to problem solving. The Libertarian Party's goal this year is not to win the presidency, but to get 5,000,000 votes and more importantly, share the message of freedom.

America desperately needs new ideas and people who can think for themselves. While everyone may not be ready for a smaller government and the individual liberty and responsibility that comes with it, at least you have a real choice on November 3. I encourage you to check out Jo and the Libertarian Party at LP.org for a refreshing change.

Rick Horan

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