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Dear Editor:

I fail to understand why Gov. Cuomo has now twice vetoed the Jamaica Bay clean water act. Growing up here in Rockaway in the ‘60s, my friends and I often swam in the bay. It was literally a cesspool but, being kids, we ignored the "floatables" and made sure we didn't swallow any water or put our heads under water.

I can attest to the fact as a boater that the bay has never been cleaner, thanks in large part to Dan Mundy, his family and friends, and the organizations that formed to reclaim the bay. Cuomo claims he vetoed the bills because of costs? Something stinks to high heaven, as the bay used to. In school, I took that now outdated course called civics, which taught students how our government works. Both bills passed "unanimously," which means that Emperor Cuomo's veto can be overridden. Is the state legislature, mostly Democrats like Cuomo, afraid to incur his well-known wrath or am I missing something? Even though I am not a Democrat, I would vote for any Democratic legislator who dares to buck His Highness on this issue. Time to put up or shut up.

Peter Galvin

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