Dear Editor:

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Thank you for another wonderful year of The Rockaway Times, which kept us close to our community in this challenging time of social distancing. I wish you and your staff a very happy new year. 2021 promises to be a better year. Hope this new year keeps its promises to you and all of my dear friends out there. Here is a poem I wrote for my students a few years ago, but I would like to share it with all my friends in our community, during these difficult times.  Fondly, Joan Diehl



The New Year has promises to keep

She listens to the silent prayers that we have buried deep

The New Year has a fickle hand

That you, dear friends, can guide

Grasp it firmly with good faith and keep her on your side

Point it steady to the places where you want to go

And magically the seeds will blossom that you tried to sow

The New Year rides on winds of change

And, Good things, Bad things—rearrange

What was THEN, is gone for good

Though, some things, we’d keep if we could

But, we can’t stop the windy stream

So, embrace the New Year my dear friends—

And Dream!

– Joan Diehl


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