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Dear Editor:

I received a call this past Sunday to change my party affiliation to Democratic and I’m an Independent. The person who called me explained that since the majority of voters in the city are Democrats, a Democratic mayoral nominee will likely become the mayor. To influence who will become mayor, you need to be a registered Democrat and vote in the primary.

Ms. Ariola, it seems that Republicans aren’t solely being targeted. As for your claim, madam Chairwoman, that this is a trick to reduce Republican enrolment in the city. Would you please explain how?

I told the gentleman who called, that although it is true that a Democratic nominee is more likely to win, the City has voted in non-democratic candidates as mayor. And if the Democrats nominate a dog for a candidate, the city will happily vote in someone else.

I also told the gentleman that I need to review the candidates before I decide. He told me he would call me back later in the week. I think I will have some fun with them. If I get a call back. I will thank them. Tell them that they were right, that I need that change my affiliation to affect the primary. That after reviewing the candidates, I decided to register as a Republican.

 Mark Eidinger

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