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Dear Editor:

I have recently moved back to Rockaway and have been enjoying bike riding on the new (to me) boardwalk as often as possible. The views of the sky and sea are stunning and have a meditative quality for me (and others, I am sure). The one thing that has been very distressing to me is the amount of dog feces all along the bike/pedestrian path. I am, to use a euphemism, shocked and amazed by the lack of care and concern for our beautiful area. Many of us have dogs, and walk them all the time as is necessary, and many of us do not, but it is still astonishing to see the amount of dog remnants all along the path. Especially since our boardwalk has become such a haven for those who love to exercise and just enjoy the sea sounds, sights and scents, this disgrace has got to stop.

People live here specifically to be able to do their nine-mile walk, run, or ride, and they have to constantly step aside to avoid getting their shoes or wheels desiccated by dog dung!

The boardwalk has become a very popular place for folks from the more urban parts of the city to come and ride, walk, run, etc. as well. The concessions are getting more business because of that, and that is good for Rockaway. No one wants to walk over to a bench with their burrito and have to carefully look down for someone's doggie mess.

Nobody can tell anyone what to do, of course, but I do hope that our dog loving neighbors will take some extra time to clean up and make the reason many of us live here clean again. Thanks.

Liz Fortune

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