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Dear Editor:

(As sent to the NYC Parks Department)

Now that the snow is melting, major damage from snow plowing on the boardwalk is coming to light. Plowing has caused, at minimum, tens of thousands of dollars in damages. We need to reevaluate how snow is removed, if at all!!

We cannot use the same methods to clear the boardwalk as we do a paved street. With expansion joints every 40 feet for over four miles, steel blade plows are totally the wrong way to approach snow removal, as is proven in these photos.

The metal plated expansion joint covers have been ripped off in at least one location. Many caulked expansion joints have had the edges severely cracked. This will now prevent the expansion joint calking from remaining in place.

I will remind you that prior to 2012, the wood boardwalk was never plowed. If we cannot remove snow without destroying our brand new 400 million dollar boardwalk. We should just let it melt or use snow blowing or brushing practices instead.

Looking forward to the solution to this damage!

John Cori

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