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Dear Editor:

It was interesting to read about the expected demolition of that abandoned building at Riis Park in the Rockaway Times.

I have fond memories of my children performing 'Little Shop of Horrors' in the cafeteria of that facility in collaboration with and to the delight of those elderly residents. It is a shame that the building was emptied out suddenly and for no apparent good reason in 1998, depriving the people living there of their home and great views of the Atlantic Ocean.

A building originally so beautiful has been an unnecessary blight on Rockaway and an eyesore for us and visitors ever since. There are two notable murals inside which are hopefully still intact enough to warrant a visit before the building is torn down.

Maybe the staff of the Rockaway Times can get permission to access the property. I am attaching a drawing I did two years ago from the beach. Feel free to use it if you like.

Petra Becker



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