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 Dear Editor:

This is for all those trying to get vaccinated against Coronavirus. Try calling (877) 829-4692, the NYC Vaccine Reservation Call Center, in the early afternoon, after 2 p.m. and again after 5 pm.

I tried to get an appointment for the vaccine for a week or two. I would go online at the “vaccine” and try throughout the day, but get frustrated by 3 p.m. and give up for the day. On February 10, I went online around noon and first tried Beach Channel Ed. Campus, at Beach 100th Street and elsewhere. I spent the next 15 or 20 minutes trying to fine an appointment. I even tried to find an appointment on Staten Island. Around 5:30 p.m., someone I know told me he got an appointment at Beach Channel for the next day, February 11. He had tried around 1:30 p.m.. I immediately went online, but by that time there were no appointments at Beach Channel. I did get an appointment in Staten Island for the next day. It is possible that we got that appointment because people had cancelled because of the bad weather we got the night of 10th.

I have another friend who has been trying to get an appointment for weeks, with no success. He was calling at midnight, he was calling first thing in the morning and the early afternoon. I suggested to him to try after 5 p.m. A couple of days later he got an appointment at Citi Field. 

He found calling the Vaccine Reservation Call Center easier to use since they found an opening for you. On the website you have to hunt a bit.

PS: When you get your first shot they will set up an appointment for your second shot. You don’t have to get it where you get your first shot. My second shot is at Beach 100th Street.

Mark Eidinger





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