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Dear Editor:

Steve Sirgiovanni is the Right Choice for District 32. Something that struck me in one of my favorite movies “The Untouchables” was the loyalty between a few men and their ability to make a huge difference in improving their community. Steve reminds me of those qualities. He has what it takes to listen to our needs and make a difference on our behalf. The Republican primary is on June 22, and I will proudly be voting for Steve Sirgiovanni for City Council.

As a lifelong resident of the peninsula, I ask that you join me. I have come to know Steve over the last few years, specifically as a hardworking, loyal and generous man. I have worked on various political campaigns, and the first rule was always to stand by your convictions. Steve is the very epitome of that rule. Steve is connected to both sides of the Cross Bay Bridge, he was raised in Howard Beach, lives in Rockaway and attends church and has friends in the Breezy Point community.

Steve has been personally invested in the welfare and future of the entire district. He has served as the head of the New York State District of Kiwanis International, leading countless charitable fundraisers and events to benefit those in need throughout the city and state. He has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for worthy causes such as autism research, juvenile diabetes and anti-bullying campaigns. Additionally, Steve understands the commitment law enforcement makes for the protection of our communities and supports the need for community-engaged policing.

Steve owns and operates a business in Ozone Park that has been in his family for more than 60 years. As a small business owner, he knows the struggles that other mom-and-pop shops in this city have faced. We need a City Council member who has the knowledge and expertise in small business ownership to help our district recover after the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as the state’s continued restrictions.

I am encouraging everyone in the district to follow his campaign at Steve is not a politician. No matter your political affiliation, or what part of the district you are from, in the coming weeks I hope you get to know Steve, as I have had the opportunity to. He will be a strong voice for the voters in District 32 by pushing for change from the current path our city is on.

Thomas Willis
Senior Strategist,
Tom Sullivan for Senate

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