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 Dear Editor:

A Texas synagogue where Jewish worshippers were taken hostage was the latest incident of antisemitism in this country. The Asian American / Pacific Islander community has seen hate-motivated violence this weekend in Manhattan. Immigrants and people of color across our city face a lack of access to safe housing and working conditions, as seen in the deaths following Hurricane Ida, the recent Bronx fire, and the struggles of essential delivery and taxi workers who kept our city running during a pandemic.

Rockaway Women for Progress (RWP) deepens our commitment to speak out against all forms of oppression, racial hatred, and hate-inspired violence. We welcome all to join us in helping make Rockaway a community that stands against hate and we stand with our neighbors across the city and country fighting for a more dignified life.

The mission of RWP is to harness our passion, power and intellect to develop and implement strategies that uphold our democracy and protect human rights.

For more information about Rockaway Women for Progress email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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