Rockaway Ol`times

Meyer Weiss opened his famous eatery in Broad Channel for the season of 1930.

Although times were bad because the Great Depression was just beginning, Weiss’ survived. The only time operations ceased was during WWII. No gas, no cars running, no people coming down to the beaches or to eat at a roadside restaurant.

Weiss’ took a chance, reopened in the cold months of the 1943 season and stayed open all year round, 24/7 from that moment on. Gasoline rationing began easing up a bit.

This week’s large photo is actually an old matchbook cover in full color. The small  photo is an actual post card marked 1944 and was going to San Francisco, CA.

The year 1949 saw a great improvement when remodeling was done. A two hundred foot service counter was built. Weiss’ now had 750 seats available to dine and had 650 parking spots. A few years later, more parking spots were available on the other side of Cross Bay Boulevard.

Anything from a hotdog to a prime rib dinner could be ordered. A favorite of many folks was chow mein on a hamburger roll with all the trimmings and French fries.

Weiss’ was once described as “The place where the elite meet to eat, for a meal or treat”, and the tip was bigger than the bridge toll.

Weiss’ closed its doors in the mid 1970’s. A victim of changing times. The land was cleared by demolition. Today, the Broad Channel Library and a Playground occupy Weiss’ ol’ location. Weiss’ was sorely missed in the years to follow, and a great memory for many folks. 

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